2010 Memorable Game – Tasmania vs. Victoria, 1990

The 1990 State of Origin game between Tasmania and Victoria at North Hobart Oval is famous as a memorable victory for Tasmania in arguably the purest form of interstate competition for Australian Rules football.

A relatively young Tasmanian team was led by coach Robert Shaw and captain Darrin Pritchard to a stunning win against a Victorian team led by David Parkin and Gary Ayres. The game was played before a parochial crowd of more than 18,000 at North Hobart Oval.

Game Results

State of Origin Date: 1 October

Tasmania: 5.4 7.7 12.10 20.14 (134)
Victoria: 1.3 7.8 8.14 14.17 (101)
Venue: North Hobart Oval
Attendance: 18,651

Tasmania: Manson, Pritchard, Lynch, Wright, Alexander, Hudson
Victoria: Toohey, Kerrison, Ayres, Langford, Liberatore
Tasmania: Alexander (4), Fell (3), Hudson (3), McCarthy (3, Barwick (2), B. Gale, M. Gale, Manson, Nichols, Wright.
Victoria: Lyon (4), Toohey (3), Romero (2), Foster, Kerrison, Liberatore, Longmire, Monkhorst.

Team Line-ups

B: M. Mansfield, B. Stephens, S. Macpherson
HB: T. Spearman, J. McCarthy, M. Gale
C: D. Pritchard (Captain), S. Clayton, G. Wright
HF: D. Barwick, B. Gale, P. Hudson
F: C. Alexander, S. Fell, A. Lynch
Foll: J. Manson, S. Atkins, T. Nichols
Interchange: S. Wade, S. Byers, D. Noonan, D. Davies
Coach: R. Shaw

B: S. Kerrison, C. Langford, G. Ayres (Captain)
HB: J. Kennedy, M. Martyn, B. Toohey
C: M. Knights, T. Wallace, B. Allison
HF: R. Lyon, P. Foster, S. Wigney
F: P. Dear, J. Longmire, J. Romero
Foll: D. Monkhorst, A. Condon, A. Liberatore
Interchange: B. Young, S. Wright, M. Gallagher, B. Bower
Coach: D. Parkin