75. Jack McMurray

LEGEND – Umpire Inductee


TFL grand final umpire (his last senior game), 1956
Coach of TFLUA, 1956-67 and 1971-74
TFLUA Umpire Appointment Board, 1956-78
Umpired 216 VFL games, 1941-42 and 1946-55
Umpired 16 VFL finals games
Umpired six VFL grand finals, including the 1948 replay: Melbourne vs. Essendon, 1948 (x 2); Essendon vs. Carlton, 1949; Essendon vs. North Melbourne, 1950; Collingwood vs. Geelong, 1953; Footscray vs. Melbourne, 1954
Umpired grand finals and carnivals in most states under the system of exchanges and carnivals that were in place during his career
All games were umpired under the one field umpire system

Son of umpiring great Jack McMurray Senior, Jack Junior followed in his father’s footsteps, umpiring a total of 216 VFL games from 1941 to 1955, including 16 finals games and six VFL grand finals. After retiring from VFL umpiring McMurray accepted an appointment to the TFL Umpire Coaching role in 1956. His last senior game as an umpire was the TFL grand final in 1956. McMurray was a great contributor to Tasmanian football umpiring, serving as coach and selector for more than 20 seasons and as a father figure to Tasmanian umpires for a generation to come. Jack McMurray Junior was inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame in 1996.