2010 Legendary Team – City South Team of 1960

The City South Redlegs of 1960 were coached by former Richmond Tigers’ centreman Stan Morcom. Morcom had already led the club to the 1959 NTFA premiership, but in 1960 the club as a whole took a giant step by winning all three NTFA titles (seniors, reserves, U19s) and then readily accounting for Burnie to take the state premiership.

The 1960 season was a pivotal one in Tasmanian football with the state defeating Victoria for the first time in the famous game at York Park mid-year and record attendances being achieved across north and north-west Tasmania and the state as a whole. In 1960 there were more than 475,000 who attended games conducted by the three regional associations: the Tasmanian Football League (south), Northern Tasmanian Football Association and the North West Football Union. The average attendance at games was just over 4,000.

The team’s wins in the NTFA and state premiership battles of 1960 were symbolic of a golden era for the Redlegs which began in 1952 and only ended in 1966 after the club had won no less than eight NTFA senior premierships, four NTFA reserves and U19 grade premierships and four state premierships.

The City South Football Club’s golden era had begun under ex-Fitzroy player Bob Miller and after Morcom’s success continued with the arrival of another ex-Richmond player in Graeme Wilkinson, who took the Red Legs to the 1962 and 1966 NTFA titles and to another state title in 1966 over Hobart.

The Redlegs’ Golden Era: 1952 to 1966

> The Redlegs were led by second year coach and ex-VFL player Stan Morcom to annexe the NTFA and state titles in 1960. After finishing second on the ladder to a very strong North Launceston team the Redlegs proved too strong in the second semi-final, winning by 38 points.

> The Robins defeated Longford in the preliminary final and so returned to York Park for a rematch in the grand final. The Robins were under the guidance of ex-VFA strong man, Bob Withers, and they threw everything at City South in the NTFA grand final.

> The NTFA grand final of 1960 was a gripping affair in front of 9,000 fans. City South was rested and came out of the blocks well. However, the Robins would not lie down and took the lead into the long break. The Redlegs peppered the goals in the third term but their hard work achieved little due to inaccuracy in front of goal. North still had one last chance to gain the ascendency they had enjoyed for much of the season in the final stanza. Both teams gave their all in an enthralling final 30 minutes, but at the bell the Redlegs had held on by five points.

> The following week’s state grand final saw City South jump the Burnie Tigers early and apart from a challenge mid-way through the third when the Coasters got within 12 points the mighty Redlegs were not seriously challenged. The state and NTFA title wins in 1960 marked the high point of a golden era for the Redlegs.

Tasmanian Grand Finals – 1952 to 1966
Year Premiers Score Runners Up Score Venue
1952 * City 9.15 (69) New Town 8.9 (57) Launceston
1954 City 9.16 (70) Hobart 6.10 (46) Launceston
1960 City South 15.17 (107) Burnie 12.17 (89) Launceston
1966 City South 10.15 (75) Hobart 9.13 (67) Launceston
*NOTE: The 1952 final was an unofficial game.

NTFA Grand Finals – 1952 to 1966
Year Premiers Score Runners Up Score
1952 City 12.11 (83) Scottsdale 9.9 (63)
1953 City 10.12 (72) Longford 9.12 (66)
1954 City 12.13 (84) Launceston 7.13 (55)
1955 Longford 13.7 (85) City 10.13 (73)
1956 City 10.6 (66) North Launceston 9.4 (58)
1959 City South 13.10 (88) Longford 9.13 (67)
1960 City South 11.19 (85) North Launceston 12.8 (80)
1962 City South 11.10 (76) Longford 8.13 (61)
1964 Scottsdale 8.15 (63) City South 6.7 (43)
1966 City South 9.13 (67) Scottsdale 7.7 (49)

City South’s Finals Campaign, 1960

Tasmanian State Premiership Final Date: 25 September

City South: 8.3 10.9 14.15 15.17 (107)
Burnie: 0.8 5.14 9.14 12.17 (89)
Venue: York Park
Attendance: 9,986
Gate: L 2172

City South: B. Sherriff, S. Morcom, B. Lowe, G. Muir, P. Luttrell, B. Harper, C. Hall, R. Wainwright, R. Delanty.
Burnie: G. Wescombe, K. Symons, T. Shadbolt, D. Hills, P. Sweeney, J. Lyon.
City South: S. Morcom (8), P. Luttrell (4), M. O’Keefe, R. Delanty, T. Dargavel.
Burnie: K. Jones (3), J. Lyon (2), D. Hills (2), T. Shadbolt (2), P. Sweeney, K. Symons, P. Munro.

NTFA Grand Final Date: 18 September

City South: 4.6 4.9 9.17 11.19 (85)
North Launceston: 3.2 5.6 9.8 12.8 (80)
Venue: York Park
Attendance: 8,818
Gate: L 1762

City South: R. Wainwright, P. Luttrell, G. Muir, B. Lowe, C. Hall, B. Howell, J. Bingley, S. Morcom.
North Launceston: L. Sharp, J. Ross, B. Carrick, E. Dwyer, E. Burk, W. Turner, W. Campbell, G. Hawksley.
City South: S. Morcom (2), P. Luttrell (2), B. Harper (2), R. Crosswell, G. Muir, B. Howell, B. Lowe, R. Delanty.
North Launceston: B. Withers (3), B. Carrick (2), E. Burk (2), J. Ross (2), B. Turner (2), T. Gleeson.

Other achievements of the team

> City South Team of the Century members (1886 to 1986): Rusty Wainwright, Brian Lowe, John Bingley, Geoff Long, Stan Morcom, Paul Luttrell, Verdun Howell, Harry Styles, Bill Spearman, Bob Miller, Laurie Moir, Berkley Cox, Jim Wynwood, Mike Delanty, Graeme Wilkinson, Bill Linger.

> Tasmanian Football Hall of Fame: Ron Tyson, Hugh Cameron, Ian Drake (Administrators); George Viney (Sports Trainer); Bob Miller (Coach); Geoff Long, Brian Lowe, Berkley Cox, Verdun Howell, Mick Delanty, John Bingley (Players);
Graeme Wilkinson (Overall Contribution).

> All Australian: Geoff Long, 1956.

> Tasmanian representatives: Geoff Long, Paul Sullivan, Lindsay Adams, Stan Morcom, Graeme Wilkinson, Berkley Cox, Laurie Moir, Ted Mackey, John Bingley.

> VFL/AFL players: Verdun Howell (St Kilda), Berkley Cox (Carlton), Brian Lowe (Geelong), Mike Delanty (Collingwood/North), Rob Delanty (North), Bill Linger (St Kilda), John Bingley (St Kilda).

> VFL/AFL administrator: Ian Drake (St Kilda)