49. J.A. ‘Gavin’ O’Dea

Administrator Inductee

NWFU, Administrator, 1940-1973

> Chairman of eastern zone of NWFU, 1947-51
> Life member of NWFU, 1949
> Initiated amalgamation of zones and became inaugural president of the combined NWFU, 1951-61
> ANFC Merit Award for service to football, 1962
> Vice Patron of NWFU, 1962-70
> Patron of NWFU until his death in 1973

Born in 1906, Gavin O’Dea became involved in football administration in the 1940s. O’Dea was a strong leader who fought to retain the union as an equal partner in Tasmanian football and retain people on the coast. He led the unification of north-west football and the Union through its golden years which saw the first NWFU team to play in an intrastate series, the first to win intrastate games, the first NWFU clubs to compete in state premierships and the first NWFU state premiership winners. O’Dea had to retire due to his voluntary duties as master warden of the Port of Devonport Authority, however he remained as Vice Patron and Patron of the NWFU until his untimely death.