274. Jamie Dennis

274. Jamie DennisPlayer Inductee

Scottsdale/North Launceston, Rover, 1979-1993

Around 150 games, Scottsdale 1979-87
Around 110 games, North Launceston, 1988-93
Scottsdale Best and Fairest, 1983, 1984, 1985 and 1986
Scottsdale premierships, 1982, 1984, 1986
NTFA Best and Fairest (Hec Smith Medal), 1982 and 1984
Member Scottsdale team of 1960-2000
Tasmanian representative on six occasions
Multiple NTFA representative

Jamie Dennis was a brave and busy rover who dominated the NTFA in the early 1980s and then became a star with North Launceston in the statewide league. Dennis was the first Scottsdale player to make the transition to the state league after the two clubs had been fierce traditional rivals in regional football for many years. Easily recognisable with his flowing, curly hair, he was always found under packs and creating opportunities around goals. Jamie Dennis played over 250 senior games and tragically succumbed to illness shortly after retiring in the mid-1990s. North Launceston and Scottsdale honoured his memory in annual pre-season games during the 1990s in support of cancer research.