263. Peter Johnston

Player InducteePeter Johnston

St.Virgils/Melbourne/Geelong, Forward, 1975-1986

30 games, 36 goals, Melbourne, 1976-78
92 games, 108 goals, Geelong, 1979-86

Plucked from school football in Hobart, Peter Johnston was a spectacular mark and an equally remarkable kick, particularly when having a shot at goal. In particular, at Geelong, he became a crowd favourite because of his ungainly kicking action. He spent three seasons at Melbourne and his 31 goals in 1978 saw him placed second on the Demons’ goalkicking list. Moving to Geelong in 1979, Johnston played a further 92 games including the unsuccessful 1980 and 1981 preliminary finals. Johnston is often remembered for his role in the 1981 preliminary final against Collingwood due to the circumstances surrounding his late inclusion. He famously replaced Gary Sidebottom, who missed the team bus, but was not informed until arriving at the ground by car, at which point Johnston had smoked “half a pack of Winnie Blues” and ate “half a chicken, large chips and a thick shake”. Not surprisingly he had no impact on the game when called upon in the final quarter.