248. Lindsay Webb

Lindsay WebbPlayer Inductee

East Devonport/Devonport, Centreman, 1946-1964

250 games
East Devonport premierships, 1946 and 1948
Regular NWFU representative
Represented Tasmanian on eight occasions, including at the 1947 and 1956 national carnivals
East Devonport best and fairest, 1947, 1953 and 1954
Alstergren Trophy for NWFU best player, 1953

Lindsay Webb was a colourful personality and champion player of the East Devonport club in the golden era of northwest football in the 1950s. Webb commenced his senior career with East Devonport in 1946 and played for Tasmania in the 1947 Australian Carnival in Hobart. He became captain-coach of East Devonport and was runner-up for the 1949 and 1954 Wander Medal for best player in the NWFU. Webb caused a sensation in 1956 when he crossed to East Devonport’s arch-rival, Devonport, where he played 16 games in his only season there. Webb also played and coached in northwest country football in the early 1960s and was the first senior coach of a young Darrel Baldock in 1955.