228. Gary Dawson

Umpire Inductee

TFLUA, Umpire, 1981-1998

> 187 senior field TFL/statewide games
> Five senior statewide grand finals, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1990 and 1991
> Two State of Origin matches including Tasmania vs. Victoria
> Officiated in the Second Division National Carnival and umpired the final, 1989
> Represented Tasmania at the Australian Amateur Carnival in Melbourne, 1985
> Made the VFL supplementary list three years running and umpired numerous senior VFL practice matches and several VFL reserve games in Melbourne
> Umpired Tasmanian state games against Queensland, ACT, NSW and Fitzroy
> Numerous other country and amateur grand finals
> Committeeman, coach and life member of the TFLUA

Gary ‘Smokey’ Dawson commenced umpiring in 1981 and forged an impressive career over the next two decades to become the most credentialed field umpire of his era. Although he did not achieve the goal of umpiring senior games in the VFL/AFL he became a torch bearer for numerous umpires who have followed in more recent times. Dawson boasts the equal highest number of state league grand final appearances for a field umpire.