226. Chris Reynolds

Player Inductee

East Devonport/Latrobe/Penguin/Devonport/ Scottsdale/George Town/Burnie, Full Forward, 1978-1992

Represented Tasmania on 6 occasions
Leading goalkicker at every club he played for and over 1000 goals in his career
Penguin premiership, 1985 (NWFU)
Burnie Tigers premiership, 1992 (NTFL)
Devonport premiership, 1988 (TFL)
Coached George Town, 1990
Coached East Devonport, 2000
NTFL and Burnie leading goalkicker, 1991-92
Devonport best and fairest, 1988
Devonport leading goalkicker, 1987, 1988 and 1989
49 games, 227 goals, Devonport (three seasons)
NWFU leading goalkicker, 1980, 1981 and 1985

One of football’s nomads, Chris Reynolds was widely known as ‘Superboot’. A superb mark and kick of the ball, he could be played either at full forward or centre half forward.