214. Hedley Rooke

Player Inductee

Devonport/ North Shore (NSW)/New Town/Southern Tasmanian Umpires, Forward/Ruck/Umpire, 1923-1948

> Devonport, 1923-26
> North Shore, approx. 1927-30
> New Town, 1931-38
> Represented NSW at the 1927 National Carnival in a team that defeated Tasmania
> Represented Tasmania at the 1933 National Carnival
> New Town premiership, 1935 (vice captain under Roy Cazaly)
> Umpired Collingwood vs. Huon in 1939 and numerous intrastate games through until the late 1940s

Hedley Rooke was a rugged key forward/ruckman who turned to umpiring in the latter part of his 28-year senior career. Rooke commenced at Devonport in 1923 and after 15 years playing in Tasmania and NSW became one of the leading Tasmanian umpires from 1939 onwards.