214. Hedley Rooke

Player Inductee

Devonport/ North Shore (NSW)/New Town/Southern Tasmanian Umpires, Forward/Ruck/Umpire, 1923-1948

Devonport, 1923-26
North Shore, approx. 1927-30
New Town, 1931-38
Represented NSW at the 1927 National Carnival in a team that defeated Tasmania
Represented Tasmania at the 1933 National Carnival
New Town premiership, 1935 (vice captain under Roy Cazaly)
Umpired Collingwood vs. Huon in 1939 and numerous intrastate games through until the late 1940s

Hedley Rooke was a rugged key forward/ruckman who turned to umpiring in the latter part of his 28-year senior career. Rooke commenced at Devonport in 1923 and after 15 years playing in Tasmania and NSW became one of the leading Tasmanian umpires from 1939 onwards.