213. Harry Coventry

Player Inductee

Latrobe/Launceston/Mersey, Rover, 1897-1927

Harry Coventry was a young star with Latrobe and a renowned small player of early last century. He is said to have debuted in the Diehards’ seniors in his fourteenth year and, though records are scant, to have played until around 1927 in his fourty-third year. Coventry was a regular selection for the north-west and combined northern teams that played southern Tasmanian teams and was considered the equal of the great Horrie Gorringe. Quick, elusive, and a deadly accurate kick with either foot, Coventry played in five premierships for Latrobe. He resisted overtures to venture to the VFL because of his work as a chemist and was considered a mentor for the great Ivor Warne-Smith during his time with Latrobe.