211. Nathan Howard

Player Inductee

Ulverstone/North Launceston/Launceston /Tasmanian Devils, Ruck Rover/Centreman, 1989-2005

Over 200 games, Ulverstone (NTFL), 1989-97 and 2005-06
12 games, Devonport, 1993
57 games, North Launceston, 1998-2000
Four games, Launceston, 2003
60 games, Tasmania or Tasmanian Devils, 1998-2004
Ulverstone premierships, 1990, 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997
North Launceston premiership, 1998
Ulverstone best and fairest, 1992, 1995 and 1996
North Launceston best and fairest, 1998
Baldock Medal for NTFL best and fairest, 1996 and 1997
William Leitch Medal for TFL best and fairest, 2000
Lefroy Medal for best player in Tasmanian state team, 2000

Nathan Howard had a fantastic Tasmanian career that included premierships at Ulverstone (NTFL) and North Launceston (TFL). He was the inaugural captain of the Tasmanian Devils team in the VFL in 2001. Howard has won four club best and fairest medals, three league best and fairests and a Tasmanian state best player medallion, and is one of the most decorated players Tasmanian has produced.