205. Robbie Dykes

Player Inductee

Glenorchy/New Norfolk, Half Back Flank/Coach, 1970-1986

> Played in 12 consecutive grand finals for four premierships
> Glenorchy premierships, 1975, 1985 and 1986
> Glenorchy best and fairest, 1985
> New Norfolk premiership, 1982
> Weller Arnold Medal for TFL best player, 1978
> William Leitch Medal for TFL best and fairest, 1981
> Represented Tasmania on 20 occasions and the TFL multiple times
> Named at half back in Glenorchy’s ‘Team of the Century’
> Named in New Norfolk’s ‘Best Team of 1947-2001’

A genuinely tough defender, Robbie Dykes played an incredible 12 consecutive TFL grand finals for a return of four premierships. Dykes played in a classic era of TFL football and rubbed shoulders with some of the best players in the state.