205. Robbie Dykes

Player Inductee

Glenorchy/New Norfolk, Half Back Flank/Coach, 1970-1986

Played in 12 consecutive grand finals for four premierships
Glenorchy premierships, 1975, 1985 and 1986
Glenorchy best and fairest, 1985
New Norfolk premiership, 1982
Weller Arnold Medal for TFL best player, 1978
William Leitch Medal for TFL best and fairest, 1981
Represented Tasmania on 20 occasions and the TFL multiple times
Named at half back in Glenorchy’s ‘Team of the Century’
Named in New Norfolk’s ‘Best Team of 1947-2001’

A genuinely tough defender, Robbie Dykes played an incredible 12 consecutive TFL grand finals for a return of four premierships. Dykes played in a classic era of TFL football and rubbed shoulders with some of the best players in the state.