194. Harold Dowling

Overall Contribution Inductee

East Devonport/Cooee/Wynyard, Defender/Coach/Media, 1955-1995

271 games comprising 263 club and eight intrastate, Cooee, 1959-73
Three games, East Devonport, 1955
Cooee best and fairest, 1970
Captained Cooee, 1967-69
Cooee premierships, 1961, 1964, 1965 and 1973
Cooee playing coach, 1971-72
Coached Wynyard, 1974-76 (including the 1975 premiership)
Coached NWFU representative team, 1975-76

Harold Dowling began his career at East Devonport in 1955, playing his first game the same day as Darrel Baldock. An outstanding shoolboy sportsman who excelled in football, cricket and cycling, Dowling retired from senior football from 1956-1958 to concentrate on professional cycling. Dowling was a foundation member of the NWFU 200 Club. He played in five grand finals for Cooee for four premierships and was the non-playing coach of Wynyard’s 1975 premiership team. Dowling continued his commitment to football through years of media commitments as a feature writer for The Advocate and as a radio and TV commentator.