175. David Stockdale

Media Inductee

The Mercury, Sports Journalist, 1976-2006

Covered many of Tasmania’s finest moments, including:
State of Origin victory over Victoria at North Hobart in 1990
Tassie Mariners’ first match in Melbourne in 1995
Every TFL statewide grand final from the Sandy Bay vs. Glenorchy clash in 1986 to the North Launceston vs. Clarence match at York Park in 2000
Tasmanian Devils’ first game in the VFL against Sandringham in Melbourne in 2001
Tasmanian representative games in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane

From 1976 to 2006 the legendary Mercury reporter David Stockdale was there for all of Tasmania’s big games. In a career that covered more than 700 games of football at all levels, he excelled in keeping the Tasmanian public informed of all the big news stories of the game. In addition to his newspaper work, Stockdale was a regular radio commentator on Radio 7HO as well as a regular panellist on Channel 6 (Win Television) Sunday morning programme World of Sport in the 1980s. Stockdale’s stories have helped weave the history of football for a generation of southern Tasmanian followers of the game.