64. Brian Eade

Administrator Inductee

Devonport/New Town/TFLUA/Glenorchy/TFL, Player/Umpire/Coach/Administrator, 1952-1992

> Senior player with Devonport and New Town/Glenorchy, 1952-60
> Represented Tasmania at the 1958 National Carnival
> Umpired at senior TFL level, including representative games and finals (one grand final and one state final), 1961-66
> Successful amateur coach, 1967-73
> Secretary/Manager of Glenorchy District Football Club, 1972-78
> Chairman of the Umpires Appointment Board (TFLUA), 1979
> General Manager of the TFL, 1980-92

Brian Eade gave 41 years of service to football across all disciplines. A highlight of his career was his administrative leadership of the TFL during the tumultuous formation and conduct of the statewide league. Eade is the father of Tasmanian football legend Rodney Eade.