184. James Manson

North Hobart/Collingwood/Fitzroy, Ruckman/Centre Half Forward, 1984-1995

> 120 games, 106 goals, Collingwood, 1985-92
> 47 games, 20 goals, Fitzroy, 1993-95
> Collingwood premiership, 1990
> Represented Tasmania on four occasions in State of Origin, including the 1990 victory against Victoria
> Lefroy Medal for best player in the Tasmanian state team, 1990

Born 2 November 1966, James Manson was one of the strongest proponents of overhead marking throughout his time in the game. His kicking was also uniquely effective. In the course of his 11 seasons at the top he was renowned for his effective contribution in the ruck or at the key centre half forward position. His stellar 1990 season was a highlight of his career and his contribution to Tasmanian football in that season alone was unique, achieving an AFL premiership, victory for Tasmania against Victoria and the Lefroy Medal.