157. Tony Martyn

Player Inductee

Sandy Bay/Melbourne/Port Adelaide, Wingman, 1976-1986

> 32 games, five goals, Melbourne, 1979-81
> Sandy Bay premierships, 1976, 1977 and 1978
> Port Adelaide premiership, 1981
> William Leitch Medal for TFL best and fairest,1982 and 1983
> Represented Tasmania ten times
> Lefroy Medal, 1982
> Sandy Bay best and fairest, 1978, 1982 1983
> Named on the wing in Sandy Bay’s ‘Team of the Century’

Born 9 March 1957, Tony Martyn won Sandy Bay’s Best First Year player in 1976, a premiership season. After retiring from the TFL in 1986 he played and coached country clubs Kermandie and Lauderdale, winning club best and fairests and playing in premiership teams. Kermandie and Lauderdale now play for the Tony Martyn Shield.