152. Neil Rawson

Administrator Inductee

Ulverstone/NWFU/NTFL, 1967-2006

> Secretary, Ulverstone, 1967-78
> Life member, Ulverstone, 1970
> Secretary, NWFU, 1979-81
> President, NTFL, 1987-94
> Patron, NTFL, 1996-2005
> Life member, NTFL, 1996

Neil Rawson has been a long-time contributor to football administration in north-west Tasmania. Highlights of his time in office were the 1976 season when Ulverstone dominated north-west and state football, taking home the state premiership.

In 1987 Rawson became the inaugural president of the Northern Tasmanian Football League, which has continued to this day, providing opportunities for senior and youth players in northern and north-western Tasmania. The NTFL has been recognised as the premier competition in Tasmanian football since the end of the statewide league in 2000.