148. Garth Smith

Player Inductee

Ulverstone/Latrobe/Burnie/Hobart/New Norfolk, Ruck Rover/Half Back, 1955-1968

> Credited with a total of 332 senior games
> Coached Ulverstone, 1960-61
> Alstergren Trophy for best player in the NWFU, 1960
> Coached Latrobe, 1962-63
> Ulverstone premierships, 1955 and 1957
> Burnie premierships, 1958 and 1959
> New Norfolk premiership, 1968
> Represented Tasmania 16 times

Garth Smith is somewhat of a football nomad, having played with three NWFU and two TFL clubs, as well as representing both combined bodies and the Tasmanian state team. Smith dabbled in football administration after retirement, serving time as president of the Devonport Football Club and the Northern Tasmanian Football League.